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Welcome to the Generations Educational Trust

The Trust was established following a direct approach by the DfE and currently consists of two secondaries – Goffs and Goffs-Churchgate Academy – and one primary – Flamstead End School. In addition, the Trust operates an independently run nursery from its Goffs-Churchgate site The name “Generations” was deliberately chosen for our Trust, and reflects our desire to be a Trust that educates and nurtures children from their earliest days at school. Partnership is at the heart of our all of our work, founded in a core commitment to there being no set destiny for any child, regardless of their starting point.

Fundamentally, we are committed to having a Trust that ensures:

  • No set destiny for any of our children
  • Quality first delivery day in and day out
  • The highest standards of achievement for each child
  • Robust and effective leadership and governance
  • The highest standards of financial/business delivery, ensuring that the Trust’s business operation underpins the delivery and work of all of our academies
  • Personalised, high quality professional development for staff, ensuring a highly skilled workforce
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Our Governance

The Generations Multi Academy Trust is a company limited by guarantee and a charitable Trust.

Career Benefits

Competitive base salary with a tailor made development plan aimed at enhancing your future earnings potential.

Why Join?

Our Trust encourages innovation. It is also firmly focused on maximising the monies available to our schools and staff.

The Central MAT Team

Alison Garner

MAT Chief Executive Officer

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Zoe Hussain

Vice Chief Executive Officer

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Sarah Baker

Flamstead End School Headteacher

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Lisa Cardinali

MAT People Director

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Our Parents Say

I’ve been so impressed with Goffs-Churchgate. My daughter is in Year 7 and is really enjoying her time so far, plus she has come on leaps and bounds academically from when she first started. She really enjoys coming to school, which in turn makes us very happy. It’s a fabulous school; well done to all the staff for making this school what it is today.

I am extremely happy with the school. My daughter is doing so well and has achieved a lot in five months. I can say that the discipline procedure is fair and affective and keeps my daughter on track. I would definitely recommend the school to future Year 7.

Great school, managed well. Our child loves it at Goffs-Churchgate.

My daughter is really happy to come to school.

Believing in the kids and not giving up on them.

My daughter felt that the teacher really listened and understood her concerns, so I really appreciate and thank him for that.

I am blown away by the care that is shown (and has always been shown) by Goffs staff to my children.

Our child is thriving as part of the Goffs community.

My daughter is flourishing at Goffs; thanks to all the staff for their dedication.

The Nursery staff have always been amazing with the children.

Throughout the school there are many kind, caring, lovely, easy to speak to staff members.

All children are well-mannered and kind.

Nice, homely, welcoming atmosphere.

Great school and teachers are very caring and do go the extra mile.